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Life and Health Insurance in Aransas Pass, TX

Throughout your life, many unexpected scenarios may impact your health and wellness. Given this unfortunate reality, securing appropriate financial security may be critical to help you and your loved ones manage these difficult times. Fortunately, life and health insurance can provide versatile and robust aid as you manage resulting expenses and losses.

What Is Life and Health Insurance Coverage?

It’s important to know that life and health insurance are not the same. These are separate insurance products that generally aren’t sold together. As such, you will need to acquire and maintain multiple policies to secure the financial protections they offer.  person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

Life insurance is a type of coverage you can purchase for yourself or another loved one. These policies can provide financial assistance in the event of an insured’s death, potentially providing a payout to beneficiaries that can assist them with lost income, funeral expenses and outstanding debts.

Health insurance can also offer financial aid in response to health issues, but is focused on helping to limit out-of-pocket expenses as insureds seek medical and preventive care. Health insurance may often be acquired through employers, but can also be purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace and government programs, such as Medicare.

How Much Is This Insurance?

Insurance rates can vary greatly depending on your unique circumstances. In the case of life insurance, your medical records, the type of policy you seek (e.g., term or permanent) and its coverage limits, your occupation and hobbies, and where you live may impact your rates. Health insurance premiums can also be influenced by the type of coverage you purchase and your location. Additionally, your premiums may vary based on the type of plan, deductible and coverage limits.

Where to Get Life and Health Insurance

On the Coast Insurance Agency is well-equipped to help you understand and secure ideal life and health insurance policies. Contact us today to learn more or to compare quotes.

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